About Us

Established by Kerry, in the year 2008, Dunes Centre deals with high quality groceries, in Abuja, Nigeria. Dunes Centre is the busiest grocery store in Abuja, which stocks and supplies a variety of food items and grocery items. We stock an array of food items and other provisional items from different places to suit people of varied cultures, and sell them to our customers. We have recurring customers dropping into our stores for regular house hold items and other retailers who buy large quantities in bulk, which are offered at a cost-effective price.

Dunes Centre also has flexible delivery options and takes care of all the transportation issues. We are constantly improving our services and driving towards a very systematic approach of tracking the necessity of groceries. We share a very cordial relationship with all our customers, which aids in the smooth functioning of business. We have an eye for attention to detail. We cater to the needs of all the strata of our population and have a huge clientele. They find something or the other which attracts them and walk away with several grocery items from our store.

Our experienced team will help you by identifying your needs and offering a large variety of grocery items to choose from. You are sure to find all kinds of grocery items at our shop. At Dunes Centre, we stock all kinds of perishable and non perishable food items which are requested by our customers. We are dedicated to providing quality service and ensuring that we surpass our customers’ expectations on price, range, and choice. We offer the best quality products at the lowest possible prices in the market.